Welcome to Decubate
A next generation crowdfunding incubator: Connect - Tokenize - Fund.
We are set to become Kickstarter 3.0 - A next-generation social crowdfunding incubator.

Connect investors and innovators. Tokenize the innovation. Fund the vision.

Decubate empowers and justly rewards community participants and innovators.
We connect influencers, advisors, auditors, developers, ambassadors, and marketeers to contribute within the platform to significantly increase the chances of incubated projects.
We believe the holy grail of blockchain innovation is Fractional ownership of all assets. The next digital revolution will be bigger than the internet was on assets, when they became digitized 20 years ago.
Combining this with a non-custodial, cross-chain community-driven incubator is a promising vigorous combination. The potential becomes limitless.
Our mission: Accelerate mass adoption of digital assets by offering innovators the resources they need.
Our vision: Enable trust between investors and innovators by building a crowdfunding incubator powered by blockchain.
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