Our approach
With over a decade of combined experience in the crypto market and traditional incubators, we have formed what we believe is a vigorous and exciting mission with endless potential.

Decubate has an opposite approach to other launchpads

The 2021 cryptocurrency bull cycle is attracting plenty of innovators and investors. The demand for new promising projects with disruptive visions is higher than ever. At the same time, the number of blockchain launchpads, accelerators, and incubators is increasing and gaining traction. Most blockchain launchpads compete for the same blockchain startup inflow.
We notice a significant decline in the quality of new blockchain projects as a result of the high demand and competition. Most of these projects still need to prove long-term commitment, credibility, product development, and delivery at a huge cost.
Decubate has an entirely different approach. Instead of competing in the same startup inflow and helping the problem - Decubate aims to incubate traditional promising startups that have working products and can benefit from blockchain solutions. We will become a stepping stone and bridge for promising startups into the blockchain startup inflow.

How Decubate will compete with other launchpads

We do not view other launchpads and pools as competitors. Instead, we see potential partners that can help our incubated projects succeed within this space creating a win-win-win situation for the project, the launch pools, and all communities involved.

Our first target group

Decubate will be the first social crowdfunding incubator in the Netherlands while there are over 50 traditional incubators with over 4000 startups. Our first target group would be these incubators to establish a foothold within the incubator/accelerator market. This will become our inflow of startups that will eventually flow into the blockchain space.
Our advisory and core team members have more than a decade of combined experience with traditional incubators with a massive global network with over two hundred incubators combined. We will have a dedicated team of ambassadors and account managers that will educate, reach and maintain a strategic relationship with our first target group.