Our strategy
Decubate has a short term, midterm and long-term strategy plan.
While we are convinced that the future will be tokenized, there is a long bumpy road ahead full of technical and regulatory boundaries that still need to be optimized before we can realize the full potential of our mission. We based our strategy on current regulatory frameworks, technological capabilities, and market demand and split them up into four phases.
  1. 1.
    Crowdfunding incubator (Year 1): key objectives:
    • Innovators can submit their incubation plans on Decubate and easily create a pool contract through Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum and pool funds for their token sale without Decubate having custody of any funds.
    • Investors can find information regarding the project, vote, rank and give feedback and gain reputation score that will increase their allocation rights. The highest-ranking users will receive unique NFT’s that will allow them to become official advisors, ambassadors, developers or auditors for a fixed reward.
    • Form a strategic partnership with over 50 reputable incubators worldwide that refer to blockchain startups and traditional startups with blockchain solutions to Decubate.
  2. 2.
    Blockchain solutions and scale-up (Year 2): key objectives:
    • Migrate to main-net run on Substrate that will significantly increase blockchain solutions such as API’s, multilayer solutions, tokenization, and infrastructure.
    • Improve core user journeys and features to further realize our vision of a decentralized crowdfunding incubator. Decubate does not have authority on incubated projects, the community does.
    • Plan of action regarding tokenization of assets and apply for necessary licenses and platform infrastructure.
  3. 3.
    Phase 3 and Maturity (Beyond): key objective: Decubate is a one-stop blockchain solutions platform for any business that wants to utilize tokenization of any asset, funding, DeFi solutions, KYC solutions, and a community with over a million active users.
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