Problem and solution
What got us here?
The 2021 bull cycle is attracting a great deal of talent and innovations looking for funding to kick-start their vision. At the same time, the demand is higher than ever with the market flooded with new investors looking for the next big thing. Looking for a promising project can take countless hours of research and due diligence just to discover there is no way to receive an allocation. Many who walked this path end up finding a launchpad or pool with the hopes of receiving a chance for some capital allocation into the project.

The problem:

In theory, the concept of a DAO incubator, pool, or launchpad is promising and disruptive. In practice, we see the entire process as flawed by becoming what it was set to disrupt in the first place. Instead of utilizing the power of numbers, rewarding communities, governance, and decentralization, they ended up serving a small elite group of early adopters and founders.
We acknowledge the potential of a social decentralized incubator. Tens of thousands of incubators are operating worldwide and blockchain-driven incubators are just upcoming. Witnessing the flawed similarities with traditional venture capital and DAO incubators the past year got us here today.

The solution

We’re here to innovate, iterate and solve what we believe are flaws in a disruptive innovation that has unlimited potential in the long term and add our vision and expertise onto it.
The Decubate platform will empower, utilize and justly reward community engagement, we will bridge with traditional incubators and offer fractionization (tokenization) of any asset in the long term. Combining this with a non-custodial, cross-chain community-driven incubator is a promising vigorous combination with limitless potential.
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