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Decubate is currently onboarding the rest of the core team members. core team
A product-focused leader, Elliot is an expert in agile product development and management. He’s worked at leading blockchain startups including large-scale brokers and exchanges. A champion for the blockchain project ecosystem, Elliot advises early-stage projects on product and tokenomics.
An award-winning marketing executive, Kenton brings 15 years of brand-building experience to the team. Prior to joining Decubate, Kenton led marketing and partnership teams at agencies and startups. He started his marketing career at MTV.
A product development expert, Stefan has a proven track record of building successful products at E-Commerce, B2C, and B2B companies. Prior to joining Decubate, he was the Product Management Director at HotJar.
Aleks is a results-focused product and web designer with a strong track record of helping startups ship products users love. With over 9+ years of experience, he brings a wealth of design expertise to the team.
A blockchain & web engineer veteran, Alex has 9+ years of experience developing blockchain projects for companies like Paid Network, Game Credits, and Jointer.
Alexander is a community management expert with proven experience in building highly engaged audiences at Demodyfi, ChainX Council and X-Association.
A marketer with wide-ranging category experience, Pierre excels at product marketing and partnerships.
Aaron is a blockchain-obsessed software developer.


Jay is a results-driven entrepreneur with over a decade of experience working in the blockchain information technology and services industries. A true crypto OG, Jay founded and developed one of the first brokers.
A senior attorney, Ben has a strong track record of implementing company-wide legal operations and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in the blockchain, banking, and enterprise-cloud verticals.
Founder and CEO at Demodyfi, Roel is a results-driven serial entrepreneur with several years of experience in the financial sector. A passionate and devoted investor, he has a vast network within the Blockchain industry.
Founder of uGlobally, Rodrigo has created unique processes, tools, and soft-landing opportunities for tech companies around the world — including the development of the European Union’s Innovation center in India. In total, uGlobally has involved 250+ companies from 35+ nationalities in its projects.
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