Token Utilities
Our token utilities within the platform
DCB will be the backbone of our entire ecosystem. Use the sub-pages to find more information about the utility and metrics.
  • Reputation score: Users earn reputation score by participating in the platform. The reputation score will be used to determine how much allocation a user receives in oversubscribed fundraising campaigns.
  • Stake: Staking rewards users with a reputation score, platform fee distribution and long-term community reward venting to incentives long-term support of the ecosystem.
  • Liquidity mining: Token holders will be able to provide their tokens as liquidity and receive a portion of the trading fees. In addition, Decubate will launch a high fixed distribution on top of the fees to make it even more lucrative.
  • Rewards: When a project has been successfully incubated token holders that staked their DCB tokens will automatically receive a portion of airdrop from the incubated project without needing to invest allocation. Other rewards will be announced in the future. In addition, a limited number of NFTs will be given to the highest reputable community members.
  • Vote: Enable community members to vote on projects wanting to get incubated and funded and earn reputation score. Secondly, rating different aspects of projects will also be enabled. Voting rewards users with a reputation score.
  • Pay: Platform currency to pay for key features such as incubation whitelisting, contract configurations, paying for audits, advice, marketing, content and much more.
  • Governance: Token holders will be able to vote and participate in new product features, new token utilities and changes that will increase the impact on the community ecosystem.
  • Deflationary: 10% of all fees paid on the platform will be burned. 90% will be distributed back to the staking reward pool. For example: the fees will be burned by a smart contract, 10% will be sent to a burn address.
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